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Reader Mystics Removing Obstacles Blockages Barriers
6 minute read

Difference between a Reader and a Mystic : Which One is Better?

A Reader will identify where the way is clear and where the fallen trees are blocking your path. A Reader helps guide you on your way. A Mystic does the same but is also committed to energetically removing the obstacles. A Mystic cannot be anything other than a catalyst and space holder for transformation to take place. If you’re not sure which intuitively appeals more, here’s a very quick multiple choice quiz to help determine which is better for you: …

Fill your cup get your money's worth in a tarot or astrology reading
13 minute read

Tips to Get the Most out of a Tarot/Astrology Reading

Seeking a reading is going to someone with a cup. The emptier that cup is, the more you’re able to fill it. Is there a hole in the cup? Is the cup already full, so when you try to fill it with something new, that new liquid starts to go in but mainly just ends up spilling off over the edges and making a mess everywhere? Should you just get a bigger cup? …

Magical Disempowerment Gurus Tarot Power Dynamics
9 minute read

My Least Favorite Tarot Questions : Or, on Magical Ethics & the Cult of Disempowerment

There are two primary reasons one might be drawn to “magic”: a) disempowerment and b) efficiency. Confusion, uncertainty, a conscious or not-so-conscious sense of victimization by superficial circumstances and a little errant emotion to fuel it all seems to generally be the recipe for motivating one to seek out intangible leverage in life via the magical path. This is another way of describing disempowerment, the ever-present shadow of self-realization. …