Win a Free Session Halloween Giveaway!

It’s contest time! Mercury Retrograde can bring good things. In an effort to be more accessible to those who might resonate or benefit from my work, I’m launching a giveaway to win FREE tarot, hypnotherapy, and astrology sessions! Winners announced on Halloween!

What is Hypnotherapy with a Mystic Like?

During a hypnotherapy session, you will experience a mild trance state. Contrary to popular belief, you will be awake, fully conscious of what you are choosing to say, and in control of your experience much like you would be while playing a video game. It is not like talking in your sleep. Unlike a video game, there is the opportunity to have visceral sensations within your experience using internal versions of the five senses. Real memories, perhaps forgotten, can not only come alive but expand with new insights and perspectives. Imaginary or symbolically rich metaphorical landscapes can creatively and playfully inspire connection to hard-to-grasp emotional states or ideas…

YouTube Interview on Why It All Might Feel Crazy Rn (Part One)

Nora Yolles Young, wonderful hypnotherapist and teacher, had a casual chat with me on her podcast “The Experience!” about astrology, the craziness of the times, general mysticism, this and that. The conversation will be continued. If you have specific topics or questions of interest in mind, drop a comment or a DM.