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Questionnaire for Existing Clients

Oct 2021 Promotion

Thank you for offering to help up-level The Genuine Mystic experience by providing your useful feedback! Please answer all Required questions to take advantage of the promotion discount. The good news is, the majority are multiple choice. All information provided will be kept confidential. We ask that you provide an email address only so that your entry and discount can be logged.


Do you like to read/watch:(Required)
How often do you look at FREE awareness, self-help, mystical content?(Required)
Do you tend to share this type of content with friends or family?(Required)
How do you feel about monthly or 2x monthly newsletters?(Required)


Do you have any subscriptions to PAID-FOR awareness, self-help, or mystical content?(Required)
Do you participate in any meditation or awareness-related Facebook groups?(Required)
What type of content would be worth a monthly subscription?(Required)


Would it be helpful to have more tips on how to prepare for a session?(Required)
Do you feel like a shorter follow-up email or follow-up 15 minute phone chat would make sessions more effective?(Required)
All new clients are required to fill in intake forms. Would filling out a short set of focused questions before each session help bring more intentionality to your session?(Required)
Sometimes a series of astrology or hypnotherapy sessions make it easier to deal with deeper or complex topics that need space to breathe and unpack little by little. Are there any pre-packaged types of series you'd like to see on the menu?(Required)
Would it be helpful to have a collaborative network of specialized practitioners of different modalities (e.g., nutritionist, body worker for yoga or qi gong, traditional shaman, clinical therapist, etc.) to support potential further work for what comes up in your sessions?(Required)


Do you participate in live courses or workshops for learning self-help, mystical, or awareness-based skills?(Required)
Have you downloaded any pre-packaged courses for self-help, mystical or awareness-based skills?(Required)


Assuming the COVID situation eventually subsides, would a mystical weekend retreat in a natural setting appeal?(Required)
(Optional) If YES, what activities or offerings would be most desirable?


Are there any psychic skills you wish you had a better grasp of?(Required)
Are there any mystical or self-awareness topics that you wish you had a better grasp of?(Required)