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Planets & Your Pleasure Virtual Class

Monday, February 20, 6:00-7:30pm MT

This online workshop is open to single and partnered people of all genders of all levels of astrological knowledge. If you wish to watch anonymously, a recording will be sent to everyone who registers. If more than one person will be viewing on the same device, each person should register for the event, just as you would do for an in-person event.

Please fill in your basic astrological info and let us know whether you’d like to volunteer your chart during the class for the Q&A. Your details will not be added to any lists or shared with any third parties.

To make the most of this workshop, please remember to have a copy of your birth chart with you during the class! If you need one generated, please indicate below. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Birth charts change by the minute. Do you know or can you verify your birth time (from your birth certificate)?
Birth Time
Would you like me to calculate and email you a copy of your birth chart?
Are you interested in volunteering your birth chart specifically during the group Q&A?