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Personal Empowerment via Astrology, Hypnotherapy & Wellness Coaching


Astrology 60 minutes

Custom-tailored astrology sessions for existing clients, 60 or 90 minutes. A general personalized check-in or a topic-specific review of present/upcoming trends and themes most relevant to you at this time. Includes, when requested, astrocartography (location-specific astrology questions), or supplementary tarot and oracle card guidance for quick questions. Audio/video recordings provided. *If you are interested in couples/synastry or family member readings, please contact before booking.*


Astrology Deep Dive

3 hours
Everything you wanted to know about yourself and more. This 3-hour astrology session provides the opportunity for a general check-in, a look at the months ahead and a detailed examination of cycles and patterns across the lifetime relating to specific topics, themes, or desired areas of growth most relevant to you. Getting more familiar with the tapestry of your life is a profoundly empowering way to better understand, trust, and confidently love your choices. Audio/video recordings provided. Note before booking: *Clients must complete and submit intake forms at least 72 hours prior to these sessions.*


Astrology Tutoring

One-on-one guidance for mastering basic Western astrology or specialized techniques. Fill in gaps of personal study, practice chart reads with an experienced professional, discuss interpretation theory, or whatever else might enhance your specific path of astrological knowledge. Audio/video recordings available upon request. Feel free to reach out with any questions before committing to a session. For clients seeking multiple sessions or small-group courses, get in touch for discounted learning package rates before booking.


Location Astrology

1 hour
Planning a move or need a vacation? Wanting a closer look at why you might feel attracted to or repelled by certain places or even people from a specific geographic area? Are you a nomad who feels like your migration patterns might not be so random after all? Do you feel a connection to a pre-existing sacred space or are you in the process of building your own? Location-based astrology techniques can be very enlightening on these subjects and any timing associated with them. For existing clients. *NEW ASTROLOGY CLIENTS are required to have the preliminary 90 minute reading first; this is for mutual benefit so that a baseline can be established before getting specific.* Audio/video recordings provided.


New Clients: Astrology 90 minutes

New astrology clients, start here! Whether you’re brand new to my favorite modality or already familiar with it, this 90-minute session will get you more fluent with the multiple and most relevant layers of what makes you uniquely you. Every human has a natal chart which includes all the same component parts, but the unique layout can reveal so much about personal orientations, choices, challenges, and gifts; how these evolve; and the timing of their activations. Using this session to establish a foundation will allow for deeper exploration into specific topic areas, relationships, and more. Time will be given in session to looking at present and future trends and answering specific questions. Audio/video session recordings provided. Note that follow-up sessions are $50 less, as your chart will already be on file.


Sexual Astrology

An exciting opportunity to look at your relationship to sexuality through the lens of astrology. Turn ons, turn offs, blockages, evolution of preferences, what you tend to attract, and more. Learn to better understand and use the plentiful cosmic resources you might not know you have. Available for existing astrology clients. *NEW ASTROLOGY CLIENTS are required to have the preliminary 90-minute chart reading first. This is for everyone's benefit as it will help to have a baseline understanding of your chart before getting specific.* Audio/video recordings provided.


Your Birth Chart Basics

This session is for NEW and EXISTING clients. Want to understand your birth (natal) chart beyond your sun sign? This session will get you familiar with your basic placements, how to read a birth chart in general, what the planets mean, and how you personally express them best through the signs of the zodiac. This session is all about understanding what makes YOU unique. If you have a couple questions you want answered with tarot as well, select the 90 minute option for this session.


Tarot / Clairvoyant Reading

These readings are designed to connect you to the deeper parts of yourself that drive your choices and inform your reality. They are designed to facilitate goal attainment at a soul rather than just superficial level. They are designed to promote personal empowerment, not co-dependency or disempowerment. Come with questions or areas of focus/curiosity in mind. For timing-based questions, you might prefer an astrological reading. 30-, 45-, and 60-minute readings available. Audio recordings provided upon request.


Tarot Tutoring

One-on-one guidance from a professional reader for improving your tarot, divination, or oracle card skills. There are plenty of free resources for learning card meanings. These sessions are designed to enhance your unique and natural intuition and precision, in both reading for yourself or others. For assistance or training with other unlisted divinatory modalities or psychic skills, drop me a line. For clients seeking multiple sessions, get in touch for discounted learning package rates before booking.


Hypnotherapy Deep: 150 minutes

Deeper hypnotherapy session to use subconscious navigation for personal empowerment. Designed for clients already familiar with hypnotherapy. These sessions address the same areas of focus as a regular session but are likely to include visiting less easily accessed areas of the subconscious or imagination; these may include but are not limited to one’s experience in the womb, past or parallel lives, alternate or altered-state timelines, lost time, and/or dream timelines. The nature of each session is uniquely tailored to each client’s needs in the moment, and your custom journey itinerary will be co-created through your intake form and pre-hypnotherapy dialogue. Audio recording provided.


Hypnotherapy: 90 minutes

General 90-minute hypnotherapy session to use gentle subconscious navigation for personal empowerment. Completely new to hypnosis? Start here. The nature of each session is uniquely tailored to each client’s needs in the moment, and the journey itinerary will be co-created through your intake form and pre-hypnotherapy dialogue. Whether for goal attainment, addressing phobias or habits, stress management, enhancing skills or performance, improving relationships, or connecting to a deeper sense of purpose or spirituality, a journey can be designed for you. Audio recording provided. Contact before booking for package rates.


Past Life Regression

Regardless of whether you believe in past lives, a sensory experience in another time and place using subconscious navigation is possible. If you are already familiar with hypnotherapy and are curious to viscerally explore or understand a theme or relationship in your life from a past life perspective, this session is for you. Standard past life regressions include journeying to a happy childhood memory, the pre-birth/womb experience and a past life most relevant to your specific needs at the time. Journey itineraries are co-created through your intake form and pre-hypnotherapy session dialogue. Audio recording provided. Contact before booking for package rates.


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