Pimp My Broom Closet New Moon in Virgo: September 6, 2021

This lunar cycle may prove extremely helpful for connecting the dots, fine-tuning a more supportive routine, finding assistance, and generally harnessing some brilliant ideas to benefit your personal goals. Break the habit of only putting emotional value in what you feel like you’ve lost or in what you think you could lose… Do read on…

Full Moon in Virgo : February 27, 2021

Full Moon at 8 degrees and 57 minutes of Virgo on February 27 at 1:17am in Tucson, Arizona. Mercury-ruled Virgo is an earth sign of the mutable modality with a reputation for being a bit OCD, analytical, sharp witted, perfectionist, selfless in service to other, needing to be needed. Virgo season in the Northern Hemisphere comprises most of September, the busy time ofContinue reading “Full Moon in Virgo : February 27, 2021”