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New Moon

19 minute read
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Unconscious Uncoupling New Moon in Libra: October 6, 2021

Well, nap time is over. The astrology for the New Moon in Libra conjunct Mars right now paints a very sophisticated kind of hot mess, but not a hopeless one. Libra illuminates the way to create necessary space for listening, healing, and beauty. It is the bridge between feeling and intuiting the depths of emotion, and the respect for constructing walls required to let life carry forward. Somewhere in it is the balance…

New Moon Leo Sunflower Arizona Gardening Harvest
12 minute read
#Leo #New Moon

New Moon in Leo : August 8, 2021

Where do sunflower seeds come from? Neither could my mind figure out nor my eyes see in my own backyard where crafty Nature seemed to be hiding these things until a dear farmer enlightened me on the matter. What a mesmerizing geometric sight it is. We think of Leo energy, linked to the Sun, as being self-centered, radiant, and bold like an aptly named sunflower; this confident sunflower is actually composed of oodles of little flowers each holding a seed. This New Moon has a lot of planetary aspects going on, but the general message from all those different angles and perspectives is pretty unified. …

New Moon Cancer Arizona Sunflower
11 minute read
#Cancer #New Moon

New Moon in Cancer : July 9, 2021

Pushing Emotional Boundaries New Moon at 18 degrees and 1 minute of Cancer on July 9 at 6:16pm in Tucson, Arizona. When we think of the stereotypes of the moon affecting one’s emotions, we tend to see these most literally when we experience either the annual New or Full Moon in Cancer, […]

New Moon Taurus Desert Blossom
10 minute read
#New Moon #Taurus

New Moon in Taurus : May 11, 2021

New Moon at 21 degrees 17 minutes of Taurus on May 11 at 11:59am in Tucson, Arizona. Venus-ruled Taurus hosts this cycle’s lunation, and generally speaking, it’s hard not to like a Taurus moon, even if this one is conjunct Black Moon Lilith. Taurus reminds us to enjoy the five senses, the […]