New Moon in Leo : August 8, 2021

Where do sunflower seeds come from? Neither could my mind figure out nor my eyes see in my own backyard where crafty Nature seemed to be hiding these things until a dear farmer enlightened me on the matter. What a mesmerizing geometric sight it is. We think of Leo energy, linked to the Sun, as being self-centered, radiant, and bold like an aptly named sunflower; this confident sunflower is actually composed of oodles of little flowers each holding a seed. This New Moon has a lot of planetary aspects going on, but the general message from all those different angles and perspectives is pretty unified. …

Full Moon in Leo : January 28, 2021

Full Moon is at 9 degrees 5 minutes of Leo on January 28 at 12:16pm in Tucson, Arizona. Images from Taschen’s stunning Library of Esoterica series Astrology book. We’re nearing the midway of the Capricorn New Moon lunar cycle, with the Sun now having progressed into Aquarius, joined there by Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn (and shortly Venus). The Moon is opposing these energies inContinue reading “Full Moon in Leo : January 28, 2021”