People Pleasing Retaliation Full Moon in Aries: October 20, 2021

To call this year and the last month challenging would be a gross underestimate. Astrologically speaking, relative to all the other alignments one might have experienced during a lifetime, the unique combination of pressures and feelings of accountability reflected right now are mind-boggling. Despite this, it’s hard not to feel an inkling of motivation and optimism buried under the weight of everything else. Aries, the sign of the Full Moon, represents Cardinal fire, the single-minded impulse to start, do, move. Ruled by Mars (will, drive), Aries will find a way to light a fire, even if it’s temporary, in the most seemingly hopeless situations…

Hugging Unknown Unknowns Full Moon in Pisces: September 20, 2021

Use this Full Moon in Pisces (and the next two weeks of the waning lunar cycle that follow) as a moment of miraculous-seeming pause to work on breaking free from overthinking 2021’s jar of formidable pickles. Admitting “I don’t know” with the innocent confidence of a child can humorously be the first step to viable solutions…

Full Moon in Aquarius : August 22, 2021

I wondered how to describe the current weird feeling in the air and literally saw a pair of bike handlebars abandoned in the street. So, “Look Ma, No Hands!” is my phrase for this frazzle dazzle Full Moon in Aquarius conjunct go-big-or-go-home Jupiter (retrograde) blessing our skies. Aquarius energy, governed by wacky Uranus, is given the reputation for being eccentric, a true breaker of molds; whether you want your mold broken is another matter…

Full Moon in Aquarius : July 23, 2021

Full Moon at 1 degree and 26 minutes of Aquarius on July 23 at 7:36pm in Tucson, Arizona. This Full Moon brings to mind those amusement park rides of the ship that swings upside-down in a pendulum-like unnerving dance of suspension and revolution where one forgets which way is backward and which is forward and wherein it’s highly probable to lose one’s hat. The Moon will trine Uranus in Taurus and conjunct retrograde Pluto in Capricorn just before its climax, only to, the following day, conjunct retrograde Saturn in Aquarius. The fullest point of the lunar cycle, then, is sandwiched somewhere between a deep purge and a humbling reality check …

Full Moon in Capricorn : June 24, 2021

Full Moon at 3 degrees and 27 minutes of Capricorn on June 24 at 11:39am in Tucson, Arizona. I am happy to report that we’re now eclipse-free for the next several months, that is, apart from the comedown, cosmic intensity has finally dialed itself down somewhat, allowing us to assess and approach matters in a more pragmatic and measuredContinue reading “Full Moon in Capricorn : June 24, 2021”

Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius : May 26, 2021

[Full Super Blood Moon] Total Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees 25 minutes of Sagittarius on May 26 at 4:13am in Tucson, Arizona. Well what do you expect? The moon is in exaggerative Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, so isn’t it fitting that this particular Full Moon has all the extra sloppy special sauce, too, being a Super Moon (emphatic vibes as the MoonContinue reading “Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius : May 26, 2021”

Full Moon in Scorpio : April 26, 2021

Full Moon at 7 degrees and 6 minutes of Scorpio on April 26 at 8:31PM in Tucson, Arizona. Scorpio is the sign of fixed water and has a relentless, provocative and penetrating quality; modern rulership links it to Pluto, God of the Underworld, Lord of death, loss, rebirth, power, and transformation; historically, we assigned it to Mars, force of drive,Continue reading “Full Moon in Scorpio : April 26, 2021”

Full Moon in Libra : March 28, 2021

“Bucket List” Full Moon at 8 degrees and 18 minutes of Libra on March 28 at 11:48am in Tucson, Arizona. We’re halfway through the New Moon in Pisces lunar cycle, a time of revelation and assessment for the thoughts, intentions and feelings coming through at that time. This full Moon is in Libra, the scales, a cardinal Air sign ruled by Venus, while the Sun opposesContinue reading “Full Moon in Libra : March 28, 2021”

Full Moon in Virgo : February 27, 2021

Full Moon at 8 degrees and 57 minutes of Virgo on February 27 at 1:17am in Tucson, Arizona. Mercury-ruled Virgo is an earth sign of the mutable modality with a reputation for being a bit OCD, analytical, sharp witted, perfectionist, selfless in service to other, needing to be needed. Virgo season in the Northern Hemisphere comprises most of September, the busy time ofContinue reading “Full Moon in Virgo : February 27, 2021”

Full Moon in Leo : January 28, 2021

Full Moon is at 9 degrees 5 minutes of Leo on January 28 at 12:16pm in Tucson, Arizona. Images from Taschen’s stunning Library of Esoterica series Astrology book. We’re nearing the midway of the Capricorn New Moon lunar cycle, with the Sun now having progressed into Aquarius, joined there by Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn (and shortly Venus). The Moon is opposing these energies inContinue reading “Full Moon in Leo : January 28, 2021”