The Genuine Mystic

Personal Empowerment via Astrology, Hypnotherapy & Wellness Coaching

About Katy

lotus new moon virgo 2021

Anyone can give you a plausible answer to your question. 

A persuasive person will convince you it’s the best answer. A charming person will make you believe it’s a “fated” answer. A scholar will sell you an educated guess. But if those answers are not part of your unique path, you’ll eventually end up right where you started.

I don’t feed answers to seekers, because I think that’s disempowering and insulting to every human’s innate capacity to create.

As a genuine mystic, I will show you what the deeper part of you desires but is afraid to fully see or believe; only then can we light the way to attainment so you can walk forward with confidence on the path that is true to you.

I began on an academic track, with an MA (Highest Honors) in Latin from the University of Edinburgh and a love for Spanish, French, Latin and Italian culture, language, poetry, and literature. I have lived in several countries and US states, worked in scholarly publishing and translation, personal assisting for philanthropists and gurus, and was also involved in the music industry as a manager and performer. My “other” resume looks a bit different.

I am a Mystic and Educator.

I’m a certified hypnotherapist, Kundalini yoga teacher, integrative health coach, professional astrologer and clairvoyant reader. I’ve studied, explored and practiced medical intuition; psychic empathy; reiki and hands-on healing; chanting mantra; musically induced trance states; past life, womb, and childhood regressions; lucid dreamwork; voodoo ancestor work; energetic tuning with crystals; trataka; subconscious belief reprogramming; Gong fu; medicinal herbs; channeling; tarot; I Ching; hatha and kriya yoga; spiritual nutrition; juice, water and Pranic/breatharian fasting; pranayama; body dialogue; remote telepathic/non-verbal imagery and sensory communication; exorcisms; mediumship and crossing over the dead; general space clearing; regenerative agriculture; and more.

Some of the teachers and employers (in no particular order) who have helped shape my craft: Sat Santokh, Prabhu Nam Kaur, Snatam Kaur & Sopurkh Singh; House of Intuition (Los Angeles); Vianna Stibal (ThetaHealing); Shyamji Bhatnagar (Chakra Institute); Tarmo Urb; Shifu Shi Yan Ming; Jennifer Catlin and Nora Yolles-Young; Gabriel Cousens; Dr. Concrescence; the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN); Maurice Fernandez; and of course, much meditation living in community and in solitude alike.

Ultimately, intuition, awareness, and consciousness are about learning to listen, trust, and feel. I enjoy sharing and teaching the best of what I’ve learned, when relevant for each unique individual, in a practical, often surprisingly logical, and grounded way.