About Katy

What’s a psychic awakening like? Sometimes, it can be gentle. Mine was not. Without warning, without substances, without a planned shamanic “journey” or ceremony, thoughts and sensory data within myself and from others across time and space permanently merged without filtration. Numbing it was not an option. I have deconstructed my experiences and sensations one by one over more than a decade to learn balance, peace and grounding without closing off depth of feeling or heart. What once felt like reason for a death wish became a blessing. If I can share what I’ve learned to reduce unnecessary suffering, fear, or shame toward the natural ability to feel and experience life deeply, mine will be a life well lived.

I began on an academic track, with an MA in Latin (Highest Honors) from the University of Edinburgh and a love for Spanish, French, Latin and Italian culture, language, poetry, and literature. I have lived in several countries and US states, worked in scholarly publishing and translation, personal assisting for philanthropists and gurus, and was also involved in the music industry as a manager and performer. My “other” resume looks a bit different.

I am a certified hypnotherapist, Kundalini yoga teacher, professional astrologer and clairvoyant reader. I’ve studied, explored and practiced medical intuition; psychic empathy; reiki and hands-on healing; chanting mantra; musically induced trance states; past life, womb, and childhood regressions; lucid dreamwork; voodoo ancestor work; energetic tuning with crystals; trataka; subconscious belief reprogramming; Gong fu; medicinal herbs; channeling; tarot; I Ching; hatha and kriya yoga; spiritual nutrition; juice, water and Pranic/breatharian fasting; pranayama; body dialogue; remote telepathic/non-verbal imagery and sensory communication; exorcisms; mediumship and crossing over the dead; general space clearing; and more.

These specific tools and names might help you find a resonance with something waiting to be unlocked within yourself, but ultimately, the esoteric, awareness, and consciousness is about learning to listen, trust, and feel. I enjoy sharing and teaching the best of what I’ve learned, when relevant for each unique individual, in a practical, often surprisingly logical, and grounded way.

Whatever insight, knowledge or clarity you’re seeking, my intent is that you can also experience the next level of mastery and harmony within your reality by tapping into and honing the intuitive guidance tools that are innate and genuine to you, even if you don’t know it yet.