To call this year and the last month challenging would be a gross underestimate. Astrologically speaking, relative to all the other alignments one might have experienced during a lifetime, the unique combination of pressures and feelings of accountability reflected right now are mind-boggling. Despite this, it’s hard not to feel an inkling of motivation and optimism buried under the weight of everything else. Aries, the sign of the Full Moon, represents Cardinal fire, the single-minded impulse to start, do, move. Ruled by Mars (will, drive), Aries will find a way to light a fire, even if it’s temporary, in the most seemingly hopeless situations...
Full Moon at 27° 26′ Aries on Wednesday, October 20 at 7:56am in Tucson, Arizona.

To call this year and the last month challenging would be a gross underestimate. Astrologically speaking, relative to all the other alignments one might have experienced during a lifetime, the unique combination of pressures and feelings of accountability reflected right now are mind-boggling.

Despite this, it’s hard not to feel an inkling of motivation and optimism buried under the weight of everything else. Aries, the sign of the Full Moon, represents Cardinal fire, the single-minded impulse to start, do, move. Ruled by Mars (will, drive), Aries will find a way to light a fire, even if it’s temporary, in the most seemingly hopeless situations.

Mars has been transiting Libra,  where the active force has been required to temper or even stifle natural urges in order to play nice. The Sun’s position and Mercury Retrograde through Libra have placed an extra heavy emphasis on others. That rubber band will eventually have to snap for the sake of balance. As Mars approaches a square with Pluto, masks of forced diplomacy are unlikely to hold up; i.e. this Full Moon will undoubtedly inspire action, though the fuel for it might come from repressed anger of neglected personal desires, especially if one has been overdoing people pleasing at the expense of one’s own pursuit of happiness. Not a terrible thing, but use the energy advantageously.

It’s all in the name of learning a more conscious version of reciprocity that is less about sacrifice and more about genuine equality. Feel into the subconscious personal needs arising now under this Moon and strive to expand into a perspective that allows them to coexist among the needs of others rather than assume life must always default to either/or compromise. Blame less, open up to creative solutions more. This Moon provides great energy for channeling emotion toward making necessary health improvements that might have been put off. Or, just reconnect to your favorite source of motivation.

Aspect Details & Self-Work Applications


{Full Moon in Aries in a Separating Opposition from Mars in Libra}

This is an impactful lunar aspect. During an Aries Full Moon, the Sun will always be opposite the Moon in the sign of Libra. Right now, we also have Mars (the ruler of Aries) transiting Libra. Mars likes to express itself as a singular force, and it has been moving through Libra, a sign that emphasizes the role of others, compromise, diplomacy, seeking harmony and balance, multiple sides or options.

With the Full Moon in independent Aries, subconscious personal desires and impulse to express one’s unique identity will be bubbling up; any repressed anger or emotion here, feelings of self-denial, even pure rage, might hit like a survival instinct to break you out of your normal restraints momentarily.

Because this Full Moon’s feelings are, in a way, still taking their cue from Mars in Libra, and especially because Mars happens to also be directly across from the Moon, it’s like there’s a bouncy autocorrect in place. Desires (Moon) to run off in one direction, might, in reality, look more like taking one step in that direction and then spontaneously running (Mars) in the opposite direction.

Observing one’s thoughts, feelings, and choices within the window 12-24 hours before the exact time of the Full Moon can be extremely valuable for getting to know your hidden motivators or fears. As always, looking to the house in your natal chart ruled by Aries (and the opposite house ruled by Libra) will show you the specific thematic area of life this is likely to show up concretely.


{Post-Full Moon Advisory for Sensitives}

A side note that as this Full Moon degree is very close to the end of the sign of Aries. So, the few hours after the climax of the Full Moon will also carry a similar yet subtly different intensity than the “Full Moon” heightened emotions and sensitivity that some feel. The Moon transiting the final degree of fire signs, and Aries in particular, can be notorious for triggering anxiety in some, a momentary sudden frustration or annoyance. If this is you, it just means you may be sensitive to lunar shifts.

The Moon was in the final (anaretic) or 29th degree of Aries between about 11:00am-1:00pm PST of October 20 before it shifted into the next sign, Taurus. Reflect back to this window and note if you felt any emotional changes. If so, be mindful that this occurs for around 2-3 hours monthly, and some might choose to keep an eye out for it or download a free lunar tracking app. Tracking the Moon is the #1 piece of advice I’d give to anyone interested in learning more about astrology.


{Full Moon in Aries in a T-Square with Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn}

The other leg of the opposition mentioned earlier involves the transformative raw force of death and rebirth, Pluto, quite freshly stationed direct in Capricorn, the sign pertaining to material essentials, survival, structures, hierarchies, lineages, and the like. So you could say the arbiter of the Mars-Moon tug-of-war (opposition) looks like quite an intense piper sticking out his hand for payment. And it might make some feel like intense change reactions right now are the “best” ones.  

Pluto in Capricorn has been an ongoing, slow transit since 2008, bringing the deepest levels of change to the Capricorn area of your personal natal chart. Steps of major decisions or events within this change cycle tend to sync up to or be heavily foreshadowed by activating transits, like this T-square. So, to break it down, there are personal feelings (Moon), a call to action (Mars) and questions of power and dominance (Pluto) at play.

These are potent forces to use consciously in building a desired future for oneself; when ignored, they might look more like the appearance of fears or obstacles preventing that reality or reinforcing defeatist feelings. Mars and Pluto squaring each other more directly toward the end of the work week might feel triggering or especially challenging.

Take some time in the next two weeks to determine whether your fears are real or imagined, rooted in the present or the past, connected to your own beliefs or the influence of others. Take stock of your current goals and the resources you have around you. Are you using your personal power in the most effective or efficient way? Are there positive role models or different support systems that might help you upgrade your methods? Do certain people have too much say in how you live your life? The Sun, Mars, and eventually Mercury will soon be shifting into Scorpio, which will provide the stamina to persist and the hyperfocus to dig into areas you’re ready to change. Give yourself time to do this excavation work properly and with slow consistency.


{Full Moon in Aries in a Separating Sextile/Mars in Libra in a Separating Trine from Jupiter in Aquarius}

Both the Moon (feelings) and Mars (actions) are affected, likely amplified, by Jupiter, which is now direct and slowly picking up speed once again. Jupiter in Aquarius (a year or so long influence) might be one of the planetary reflections making us more aware of our digital footprints, the collective implications of our choices, the general technological overwhelm as well as the addiction to its novelty and perceived instant gratification. Whether or not isolation and restrictive circumstances of the past two years (reflected by Saturn in Aquarius) have exacerbated this, it’s still something many are actively contending with and struggling to balance.

Just be mindful that current feelings, decisions, perceptions of choices available to you might still be heavily impacted or exaggerated at this time. Digital and technological onslaught can provide faster solutions, but it can also pressure and normalize rushing one’s thinking, visioning, communicating, deciding processes. Being able to look up a potential hack is not the same thing as being motivated to execute it in real life. Good intentions are one thing but strive to align them with your real-life actions. Don’t settle for expressing what you perceive to be the “right” opinion online, feel more committed to it for defending it or having it validated with some likes. Live it, whether or not anyone is “watching”.  

And yes, this Jupiter in Aquarius phase of technological excess is likely to shift toward the end of the year. It is, in terms of consciousness evolution, making it easier to learn the correlation between thoughts and manifestation. Surrounding yourself with positive affirmations can be helpful for rewiring patterns of negative thinking, but if you refuse to take the next step of embodying and demonstrating that message through your choices and actions, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Pay attention to how your emotions are impacted by the digital world vs. the “real” world. How much of your “real” energy do you feed to half-baked perceptions? Pay attention to your participation in both “worlds”. If the two pictures are drastically different, what would closer integration look like?

Background Aspect Influences


{Shadow Zone Mercury, Now Direct, in Libra in a Separating Opposition from Chiron in Aries}

Even if you felt immune to Mercury Retrograde, there were probably enough people complaining about it around you to make you feel relieved that it’s over. Mercury will be tracking back through the “shadow zone” (the area visited during the retrograde) until November 2. So, issues that may have come up between the end of September and now, might be met with more successful conversations and solutions. These are quite likely to be interpersonal in nature and/or involving one’s own sense of inner wellness and balance.

Because the Mercury station occurred directly across from Chiron Retrograde in Aries (and the planets are still, at the time of writing, very close to the opposition degrees), deep personal wounds and topics around healing are likely to have surfaced. The Aries-Libra axis is all about self and other. Did you notice that other people or relationship dynamics might’ve had a way of unintentionally triggering past pain or fears? Did you become aware of energetic echoes of past hurts that might still be impacting your present-day choices, words, and feelings in subtle or not-so-subtle ways?


{An Extra Note on Chiron}

Chiron, my favorite planetary body (I often give it extra attention), orbits between Saturn (structure) and Uranus (shock/liberation). Many astrologers still call it a symbol of “the wound that never heals”. This interpretation is a very toxic remnant of the cultural stigmatization around self-improvement; glamorizing one’s suffering, permanently identifying as broken, or masking pain entirely are acceptable signs of strength, but God[dess] forbid one chooses to address the source of pain or suffering. Nevermind that muscles break and rebuild all the time.

There are, of course, a myriad of approaches to “healing” or self-improvement, and Chironic healing is very much one’s individual path of addressing and rediscovering that wounding, reflecting on it, examining it from all angles, understanding its multiple and often diverse influences, and rebuilding oneself uniquely. With Chiron being in ego-oriented Aries, this is especially the case.

With simultaneous Libra emphasis, it can be tricky because when “personal” wounds are of a relational nature, some aspects of this healing might require engagement with others to address them fully. Still, even individuals reacting to the same “challenge” might require entirely different approaches to facing or fully integrating that challenge. Insights around or an expanded perspective of what healing means or could look like might be useful at this time.


{Mercury in Libra in a Separating Trine to Saturn in Aquarius and an Applying Sextile to Venus in Sagittarius}

Mercury in Libra is moving away from a trine with limiting, serious, sometimes depressive Saturn in Aquarius and toward a helpful sextile with Venus in Sagittarius. This brings a potentially loving, optimistic, inspiring energy to conversations and relationships where before there might have been feelings of “can’t” or “not in a million years”. Sometimes tough love doesn’t need to be the only kind of motivating love.

The hard work most likely demanded by Mars and Pluto (mentioned earlier) might be able to happen more gracefully and easily with the help of this Venusian aspect. It is highly favorable for seeking out an expert, teacher or mentor (Sagittarius), finding support or even motivation through others (Libra), expanding one’s learning or adopting an openness to try new things generally. Seek out supportive tools and individuals to help you with any literal or energetic transformational work that you feel approaching.  

Though this Full Moon and even the days following may likely highlight areas of life where one has been neglecting personal needs or overextending to keep the peace, it is important to also appreciate areas where balance and harmony have been created or improved, or relationships that are mutually supportive. These are worth building and nurturing now before Scorpio season intensity rolls around.


{2021 Scorpio Season General Note}

As mentioned earlier, the highly influential personal planetary bodies of the Sun, Mars and Mercury will be shifting into Scorpio very soon (October 22, 30, and November 5, respectively). This adds an intensity and penetrating quality to one’s outward reality (Sun), drive or actions (Mars), and communication (Mercury). It’s not atypical for the Sun and Mercury to travel close together, and Scorpio season happens every year, but the co-presence of Mars is something to be mindful of for 2021.

Look at your life, general environment, relationships and think about what areas might benefit from a jackhammer, plumber, genie, bulldog, secret service, expert, undertaker. No need to break any laws, even though you might be tempted to. Scorpio (linked to Pluto) in shadow form can unfortunately trigger some of the most unethical, vindictive, or manipulative human qualities, consciously or not.

This year has already been intense, so choose an area to confront, dive deeply into and potentially rebuild for the better. Frankly, if you don’t make an effort to consciously choose, the Universe (or your personal and heavily sub- or un-conscious algorithm of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or “energetic” investment) choose for you. Scorpio energy is masterfully strategic, so better to let it work for you rather than against you.

You can look to your natal chart to see which house (thematic area) is ruled by Scorpio, or which planets you have in the sign for some clues regarding what might come up for you. Alternatively, if you are or had to dress up for Halloween, what costume choices come to mind first? If you’re using the excuse of this holiday to showcase something you feel you normally don’t let out, this might clue you into a shadow aspect of your personality that might benefit from digging into this Scorpio season. Don’t be surprised if your natal chart‘s Scorpio house or planets convey the exact same message.


{A Little PSA for Fixed Signs}

A note that strong fixed sign (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio) placements might be feeling this Scorpionic shift a little more intensely than others. If this is you and you haven’t had an astrological reading for a while, it might be a good time to get one or apply some time to studying your relationship to the planets, if that appeals. Eclipses are also set to shift to the fixed Taurus-Scorpio axis more firmly in 2022, and we’ll get a preview of the changes that’s likely to bring at the next Full Moon (in a month). Eclipses tend to usher in radical changes. Fixed signs are championed for their ability to resist change. This might pose some unique challenges and/or present a rare opportunity for some breakthroughs.