Video! Intuition Tips, Collective vs. Individual Will, Secrets…

secrets are no fun

I had another fun chat today with Nora Yolles-Young on her YouTube podcast, “The Experience!” We touched on a lot of subject matter with major underlying themes being secrets and collective vs. individual will and responsibility.

Listen in for ideas on: honing intuition, reading tarot, understanding the mechanism of more effectively “healing” or integrating pain or fear, what the astrology of the next couple years might signal for all of us, misreading sexuality in intimacy, academia’s place in collective progress, how to predict entertainment industry trends, sensitivity vs. vulnerability, spiritual garbage, what to do with “shadow”, and more.

And, yes, it’s weirdly all related. Enjoy!

“The Experience!” S4E12

To learn more about the host, Nora Yolles-Young, check out HER WEBSITE.

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