Are Psychics Creeps Spies Secrets
There are different signals a psychic picks up from a person. Each reader will have their own set of specific tools naturally attuned to them for reading, just as musicians tend to have a preferred instrument or two. One of them works a bit like a lie detector test might, in that it is measuring something of a stress-emotional response to different stimuli, questions, internal thoughts. These tools, by the way, can be taught to anyone, just as anyone can theoretically learn to read body language. ...

There are different signals a psychic picks up from a person. Each reader will have their own set of specific tools naturally attuned to them for reading, just as musicians tend to have a preferred instrument or two. One of them works a bit like a lie detector test might, in that it is measuring something of a stress-emotional response to different stimuli, questions, internal thoughts. These tools, by the way, can be taught to anyone, just as anyone can theoretically learn to read body language.

The average person going to a psychic might be emotionally charged (like, freaked out or excited) about being in front of someone who might potentially be able to see into them, read their mind, know their most intimate details.


News flash: if you’re dealing with a true psychic, the last thing they care about are your dirty little secrets. I can only speak for myself, so excuse the general assumption when I say that we often get flooded with that kind of information without asking for it, even by just passing a stranger in the street or the store. Even at a distance, these messages travel. There is not really an airplane mode for, as someone cutely put it once, the third eyePhone.

Though certainly there are tools to have a healthier relationship to these floods of unsolicited information, privacy is a quaint, nostalgia-fueling illusion. The controversy of secrecy gets very dull. We’re all human and doing the best we can with what we’ve got. A psychic is probably going to be the last person to care about what you’re trying to hide, and an honest one will appreciate you most if you just get to the point.


But how do they know?! Because you’re silently screaming it, and if it’s the first thing out of the psychic’s mouth, they are less likely trying to shock you by proving their skills so much as shut you up. This is especially true of empathic psychics, who may not hear or see so much as physically feel your discomfort in their own body as if it were their own.

If you are thinking about something that makes you feel very emotional, that thought shoots to the top of the mental inbox because it is so energetically charged or “loud”. An exorbitant degree of personal stress is created in trying to edit or hide things that are naturally present. It’s an overwhelming level of personal energy expended, so the thought becomes even louder. That energy needs to go somewhere, too, and unless appropriately channeled, it will most likely end up at one point or other feeding an addiction or compulsive behavior until it’s better managed. The presence of these habits, in addition to the secret itself, are often combined with intense feelings of shame or guilt, for example, and these supplementary emotions just further add on to the psychic “noise”.


If you have a pimple, an indication of a minor imbalance within the body, instead of making a daunting but often free lifestyle change regarding sleep, food, stress management or exercise habit, the average person will spend money on an “easier fix” concealer to just cover up the pimple. If that person is emotional about needing to do so, which not only creates more stress and might just end up creating more pimples, this person is likely to make a poor or impulsive choice regarding said concealer. It probably won’t match very well. They also might likely apply this beauty potion in a slap-dash fashion, drawing even more attention to what once was a natural, minor blemish. Caking on anything over already clogged pores is also likely to encourage the original imbalance issue to stick around. I’m not a licensed doctor, so take these thoughts with a grain of salt.

Maybe my analogy gives me away as a pre-millennial dinosaur. With social media and the ease and accessibility of photo filters, the issue is more likely to be dealt with digitally, so perhaps it’s excess time rather than dollars being expended to cover up what is natural. Point being, it’s a preventable waste, and the average person energetically makes mountains out of mole hills. What’s on the surface may seem or appear hidden, but energy doesn’t lie, and energetic data is what psychics read.

Real-time social media posts (what people think they are) are the heavily edited version of what a psychic gets by just interacting with an individual. Your cells are already projecting and emitting everything that ever happened to you, information about what you think might happen to you, and how you feel about those things in the moment. Something within that cloud of data are narrative streams of your past and potential realities of your future. A gifted psychic is able to weave or filter and prioritize these data points.


So, yes, your emotional secrets #nofilter are shooting out of your etheric body’s pores. If you wonder why animals may behave in an unusual way around certain people, or a child, in the presence of someone, may burst out with a humorous zinger of a truth bomb that they could never possibly understand, it’s the same mechanism at play. Animals and children tend to have a natural “sixth sense”. They are “innocents”. In very simplified terms, if there’s a strong emotional-psychic emission happening, they are often likely to sponge it up and reflect it out for all to see. They don’t necessarily need to understand it.

Psychics do the same thing but are only viewed as creeps, if, yes, they are in the minority of them that are more obsessed with other people’s behavior than their own. More likely, psychics will be judged as being creepy or lacking innocence because an individual will project their own feelings of shame and guilt onto the psychic and assume they are being judged, which is not usually the case at all.

So does that make psychics part dog, part child? Sort of. There are different types of psychics, and the nature of the information that is read is rarely, if ever, comprehensive. As stated above, the experience of seeing a psychic is likely to gently stress the client into automatically organizing their thoughts and prioritize wanting to hide the weird or embarrassing stuff ASAP. When a teenager hears a parent coming down the hallway and approaching the door, if they’ve got anything laying out that they would rather not be seen, they lurch for it to shove it under the bed. If the boss is approaching the cubicle, a flurry of tabs suddenly close. The psychic is not focusing on the room or the screens, they are often getting a reading of a sudden peaking of emotional energy, and so they know something is up.


So, sensing “secret” energy is very *easy*. Understanding it accurately depends on the psychic’s personal experience, history, or clarity. Just as many trained musicians can accurately detect certain notes or chords by ear, so can a trained psychic identify what particular energetic signatures refer to. They either know themselves and remember what that specific thing felt like for them, they learned it through clients or others around them, they have attained a degree of clarity or purity to sponge and mirror the information back to the client without confusing their own energy with it, or they’re gifted with educated guessing and guiding a client to confess by bluffing and applying clever leading questions. Often, it’s a combination of things. Describing the precise mechanism at play is relative, variable, and beyond the scope of this article.


Do as I say, not as I do. Why can psychics often screw up in detecting the most obvious stuff in their own life and relationships or with particular clients? If their skill set is not based on a quest for self-knowledge, or they are simply tired or stressed, the likelihood of error is higher. Also, psychics are humans, too, just trying to live life. They are trained to activate their skills within the job setting. They know how to turn on the computer and use it. In leisure settings often among strangers, walls are down, so information tends to flow in freely without warning, and the lack of stress makes it easier to read.

When it comes to areas of life where a psychic emotionally cares about a person or a goal, that personal emotion can often cloud the clarity. And if a client is currently dealing with an issue that is too similar to a stressor within the psychic’s own personal life, in certain cases, this energy is likely to be strongly detected but not necessarily read with complete accuracy, as projection is likely. An honest psychic will still be aware of this and will tell the client and refer them elsewhere or share the conscious projection, which may still be of benefit.


I did not write this article to make people paranoid. And I’m leaving the topic of legitimate, unethical boundary violations for another post entirely because it is very real but deserves separate attention. I am not stating that people are hopelessly resigned to a disempowered, enforced reality of involuntary exhibitionism. I am, however, sharing some trade secrets and illuminating an uncomfortable aspect of life that psychics tend to know more about because we, canaries in the coal mines, have had to deal with and overcome its discomfort to maintain sanity and survival.


It’s interesting that technologically we are entering an age where forced transparency is becoming more of a reality with the prevalence of data leaks, data mining, cameras, tracking of all kinds, and general advancement in digital and mechanical sophistication. This collective, stress-inducing new pressure is likely to stick around. A potential advantage, however, may be that these technological training wheels can prepare you to better understand the reality of a psychic’s experience interacting with and navigating this kind of world.

What do people do when they feel like their secrets are on the verge of exposure or that they are being too heavily monitored? They have two main choices: a) try to bury the secret deeper, isolate even more to the point of normalizing disconnection, or b) take the discomfort as a sign to address, “heal”, or rebalance the issue, which is now more obviously coming up for attention, by connecting and seeking assistance.

The most common reaction usually looks more like finding someone else to blame for the discomfort as a means of masking having to deal with it or with the frustration of not understanding it. That, however, can only last so long and eventually, a person needs to make the a) or b) choice: numb or feel.


It is my hope, collectively, that the technological surveillance pressure that we are under stimulates and encourages many to find trust and safety in self-honesty, healing, rebalancing, feeling and connecting to one another in a more evolved, healthy way rather than succumbing to a more mechanized, disconnected dystopia fed on shame and fear of self. Resenting the pressure is a hopeless waste of energy if it’s not something that you can do anything about.

Again, it’s up to you to determine whether you’re dealing with inappropriate, violating, or legitimately creepy energy, because unfortunately this does exist. If that’s the case, seek professional assistance and protective support. But if your discomfort is based on an inner call to shadow work, use it to your advantage and perhaps adopt the courageous motto: the only way out is through. Stop fearing or shaming yourself for what you naturally feel or think or fearing that others might see it; instead, seek to understand yourself more deeply.