Difference between a Reader and a Mystic : Which One is Better?

Reader Mystics Removing Obstacles Blockages Barriers


Reader will identify where the way is clear and where the fallen trees are blocking your path. A Reader helps guide you on your way.

Mystic does the same but is also committed to energetically removing the obstacles. A Mystic cannot be anything other than a catalyst and space holder for transformation to take place. 


If you’re not sure which intuitively appeals more, here’s a very quick multiple choice quiz to help determine which is better for you:

1. Which one are you most drawn to?
a. Fast Food/Delivery


If you answered:

a) Fast food? Get a standard Reader. It’s so convenient.

both a and b) Do you like both? You’re likely to either: choose the Reader but then get frustrated or resentful that they’re not giving you enough OR choose the Mystic but then get frustrated when the reality of change makes you feel vulnerable and resentful of the accountability that comes with it.

a, but sort of b) It depends. You would’ve said home-cooked at another point in time, but right now, it’s not realistic. Or, you feel like you should say home-cooked but actually are more likely to crave and consume the fast food. You’re probably better off with a standard Reader but may be more open to a Mystic at some point in the future.

b, but sort of a) The Mystic sounds enticing, doesn’t it? They’ll probably show you that your willingness to acknowledge multiple aspects of self and desire is more honest than most people are with themselves and others. The Mystic is a good choice.  

b) Of course, you figured this quiz out from the start. Find yourself a Mystic, but they’ll probably show you that there’s a part of you still craving the fast food, and you’re not looking at it.

No, it may not be so cut and dry, and no, you shouldn’t take your food preferences as an outright indication of your level of commitment to spiritual development. What you are most drawn to on average, however, may hint at the level of change and involvement you’re open to in this moment. Given your present energy, how involved do you want your experience of spiritual nourishment to be? 


A standard Reader will artfully put lipstick on a pig, and maybe that’s enough to motivate you to get where you need to go. Makeup is fun. Readings are fun. You’re still stuck with your face under that cosmetic mask, but the mask feels good, and there aren’t many people who need to see you wash it off.

“I’m no pig,” you say. “I think I want the Mystic.”


All well and good, but there is no escaping the pig. Hiring a Mystic when you’re not ready is, as they say, casting pearls before swine. A Mystic can be gentle but is not going to cover up anything. They will likely show you the cracks, wrinkles, pimples, discolorations, and blemishes you’ve got so that what’s truly there can be acknowledged for what it is. You’re still stuck with your face, but you might learn to better work with what you’ve got, love it, and understand it instead of expending so much draining energy trying to hide it. 


To be clear, I have nothing against pigs. But, let’s say the pig represents an aspect of your base nature (which ALL humans, myself included, have). That porky base nature, its choices, and its actions are likely housing dissatisfaction with your life and a yearning for something different alongside the inability to know what to do about it. How much responsibility are you willing to put toward the information that comes through to make some changes?


So, which is better? The Reader or the Mystic? 

There is no absolute “right” answer. The answer is completely relative to you and where you are at the time of seeking. If you feel like you’re on the threshold with one foot in either camp, as many people often tend to be, you need not worry. Center and ground yourself and reflect on the question again. A Reader will be the best choice in certain moments of your life, and the Mystic will be better for you in others. Use discernment in choosing either, as there are always quacks in every field.

That said, all Readers and Mystics alike should be honored and valued for their time and services. Both types of practitioners are required to maintain an above-average level of honesty; integrity; accountability; clarity; and psychological, environmental, and emotional awareness in their life to do their job properly. Whereas a Reader can get away with still giving an entertaining and sometimes enlightening performance while slacking in some of the areas listed above, a Mystic cannot. A Mystic requires an exceptional degree of discipline and self-care to maintain the strength and endurance required to hold space for another’s metamorphosis. For this reason, be prepared to put in more work with a Mystic, but the rewards might be greater for it. 

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