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Month: August 2021

why are different generations so weird?
15 minute read

Do Scandals, Technology, or Dreams Best Define a Generation? Part 2

This is the second part of our exploration of using Outer Planets in astrology to define generations and understand their differences. This section will give real-world examples and details that explain what the current placements for Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto might mean. How do these planets behave in concrete terms, how do they affect generational groups, and what does that mean for the young folk and our future?…

defining generations through outer planets
13 minute read

Do Scandals, Technology, or Dreams Best Define a Generation?

Boomer, Millennial, Gen X, Y, Z, Indigo or Rainbow Child? What year were you born? Where do you belong? What year is the cut-off? Does my birth bracket even define my true leanings? “We are all One” and boundaries belong to the patriarchy, you unenlightened enemy to progress. Not defining your pronoun boundaries suggests you are culturally insensitive and part of the problem. Where is it wrong or right to collectively define a wall? Why is it so darn confusing? Can astrology help us understand why different generations are so weird?…

what does a full moon in aquarius mean
16 minute read
#Aquarius #Full Moon

Full Moon in Aquarius : August 22, 2021

I wondered how to describe the current weird feeling in the air and literally saw a pair of bike handlebars abandoned in the street. So, “Look Ma, No Hands!” is my phrase for this frazzle dazzle Full Moon in Aquarius conjunct go-big-or-go-home Jupiter (retrograde) blessing our skies. Aquarius energy, governed by wacky Uranus, is given the reputation for being eccentric, a true breaker of molds; whether you want your mold broken is another matter…

Twin Flames, Soul Mates, Karmics
19 minute read

Twin Flames, Soul Mates & Karmics: Who is “The One”?

The real-talk version of: what are Twin Flames, Soul Mates, and Karmic relationships, and how do I call in the love I feel I am ready for? This is the main topic that comes up in the majority of tarot readings. You don’t need to book a session to find this one out. You don’t need to keep searching the Internet for some glossy but ultimately impractical information that will guarantee a heart-aching, time-consuming goose chase. Have a golden egg instead…

Leo Lion Style over Substance Astrology Appropriation
33 minute read
#Blog #Digression

Regret Celebrating Lion’s Gate or Not? : A Reality Check

I wasn’t inspired enough to post this until the end of this “magical” 8/8 day. My understanding of what the day was or is supposed to be is complicated by the reality of a collective undergoing serious structural changes. I am not writing this to bash die-hard or newly converted New Age enthusiasm, but I am going to touch a little on confusion around cultural appropriation of “ancient” holidays. This article is really aimed at those who feel like they’re supposed to be celebrating Lion’s Gate or know exactly what it means and are too embarrassed to admit they might not really have a clue or are getting mixed messages about it. …

New Moon Leo Sunflower Arizona Gardening Harvest
12 minute read
#Leo #New Moon

New Moon in Leo : August 8, 2021

Where do sunflower seeds come from? Neither could my mind figure out nor my eyes see in my own backyard where crafty Nature seemed to be hiding these things until a dear farmer enlightened me on the matter. What a mesmerizing geometric sight it is. We think of Leo energy, linked to the Sun, as being self-centered, radiant, and bold like an aptly named sunflower; this confident sunflower is actually composed of oodles of little flowers each holding a seed. This New Moon has a lot of planetary aspects going on, but the general message from all those different angles and perspectives is pretty unified. …

Are Psychics Creeps Spies Secrets
13 minute read

Are Psychics Creeps? : Secrets Are the Easiest* Thing to Read

There are different signals a psychic picks up from a person. Each reader will have their own set of specific tools naturally attuned to them for reading, just as musicians tend to have a preferred instrument or two. One of them works a bit like a lie detector test might, in that it is measuring something of a stress-emotional response to different stimuli, questions, internal thoughts. These tools, by the way, can be taught to anyone, just as anyone can theoretically learn to read body language. …