Full Moon in Aquarius : July 23, 2021

Full Moon Aquarius Lightning Iron Magic Man

Full Moon at 1 degree and 26 minutes of Aquarius on July 23 at 7:36pm in Tucson, Arizona.

This Full Moon brings to mind those amusement park rides of the ship that swings upside-down in a pendulum-like unnerving dance of suspension and revolution where one forgets which way is backward and which is forward and wherein it’s highly probable to lose one’s hat. The Moon will trine Uranus in Taurus and conjunct retrograde Pluto in Capricorn just before its climax, only to, the following day, conjunct retrograde Saturn in Aquarius. The fullest point of the lunar cycle, then, is sandwiched somewhere between a deep purge and a humbling reality check; Aquarian energy is rarely jovial but not without a penetrating, aloof, and off-beat type of humor—the kind that often arises at the end of a long ordeal where only a socially inappropriate but much needed, soul-satisfying laughter crudely solicits itself to break the tension. Awkward perhaps, but quite a practical and insightful window of clarity and productivity can come from this energy if one chooses to welcome it. The Moon lets us know what’s going on inside of us, whereas the Sun will tell us where we’re likely to externally apply this energy, consciously or not. With the Sun just having entered fiery, bold Leo after a month of introverted, emotional Cancer, there’s a sudden impulse for extroverted and playful activity, throwing caution to the wind, but with a sophomoric bewilderment regarding just what to do with it. Let the Moon be your guide, as this is a critical time for reflection.

Aquarius, where we currently find the Moon, is the water-bearer, but it is a persistent, fixed sign of the mental element of air—not an emotive water sign; Aquarius pours OUT the water, is untouched by and has a vantage point above it. Aquarius is the scientist, the architect that sees the entire system, the flow and flaws within it, and a mind to cater to the collective or humanity as a whole over the individual. There’s a sensitivity to the cosmic streams, electricity, unseen currents and networks of influence with this sign, which may feel like an icy, sometimes self-righteous, sometimes Saturnian kind of “knowing” that comes after integrating faith (Sagittarius) and materially working to keep it all moving (Capricorn) but before the surrender to hope and the unknown (Pisces). The significance of personal and collective thoughts and ideas at this time are underscored, but what do we do with these? Do read on…

There’s a quirky combination under this Moon of the soulful with the need for ego-driven awareness. In an age where it is perceived as spiritually woke to cancel ego, the Sun conjunct asteroid Psyche (soul) in Leo, opposing our Moon, is perhaps a chance to check ourselves here. Ego is Latin for subjective “I” and does not in and of itself equate to absolute selfishness or a lack of humility or consciousness. Child-like Leo, associated with life-giving Solar energy, the heart, self-made warmth and generosity intended to be shared, reminds us that an aspect of Earth-embodied ego/self is still a performer on the world stage. Aquarius (the current place of the Moon) stands opposite to Leo (the current place of the Sun). So our inner motives, thoughts, and desires may feel more collective-centric or community-pressured at this time, but the light shines on us to each play our respective roles without bypassing this individual responsibility to ourselves. Psyche’s presence so close to the Sun may illuminate personal soul urges, and it is up to us to situate and balance ourselves within the context of the greater population with an authenticity that can only be discerned from within. Are unified actions or goals even possible among a group of free-thinking, independent wills, and what does that look like? Is it safer or right to deny internal callings and allow ourselves to be swept with the tide of mass emotion, opinion, or trend and tell ourselves we’re “going with the flow” or “sacrificing for the greater good”? In due time, the moon’s imminent conjunction with now retrograde Saturn might make it easier to feel into the adjustments required. Saturn now retrograde in Aquarius is a time of re-assessment of social regulations, restrictions, limitations, policies, scientific or technological norms with a view to set the tone for more appropriate longer term precedents. If you, for a moment, trusted in your personal whims, which rules that you may have recently adopted this year perhaps ought to be rewritten? What “facts” that you took as a given might not be so clear-cut?

Our minds are forced to confront and juggle the potent air trine involving the Aquarian Moon, dutiful and consistent asteroid Vesta in balance-oriented, peace-keeping Libra, and the dark desires of Black Moon Lilith in ambivalent, communicative Gemini. When three celestial points are 120 degrees apart from each other, an equilateral triangle forms, creating a powerful circuit with the three energies, and it’s as if they must be taken together as a unit. These forces are harder to brush aside at this time because we have the looming influence of the nearby North Node in Gemini, bringing a soul-grabbing gust of immediacy that can feel like a destined, now-or-never insatiable yearning that cannot be ignored. Black Moon Lilith, the furthest point of the lunar orbit or “the dark side of the Moon” shows us parts of ourselves where we may experience or have experienced shame, embarrassment or ridicule, and we tend to demonize, blame or resent individuals who seem to outwardly embody these traits that we secretly struggle to integrate within ourselves; often, we go through sporadic spurts of indulging in this energy, overdoing it, and then regretting our attempts to let this energy into our lives at all (this is especially likely to be highlighted given Black Moon Lilith’s square to Jupiter retrograde in Pisces).

Ease with communication, coquettishness, writing, sociability, flexibility of opinion, learning, intelligence, relationship to one’s siblings even are all potential trigger points. How does a perceived duty to maintaining peace and balance + your feelings about your relationship to and place within partnership and the greater collective + your use or reliance on technology factor into your comfort level with how you choose to express yourself or hold yourself back in the areas listed above? How do these factors influence your own opinions or which groups or people you feel driven to give attention or affiliation to? Look at negative self-talk, extremes in beliefs and behavior, the influence of the words of others in your personal history and ask yourself if any of this narrative is due for a re-write. Now can be a potent time for working toward lasting, positive changes. Meditation now on the topics suggested above can prevent having to learn the hard way from perpetuated, impulse-driven negative choices or reckless actions or words fueled by unmet internal shadow. With Mercury in the final degrees of Cancer opposing retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, we have a few days where we can feel more deeply, identify and transmute where old emotions, memories, or past events may be clouding our ability to discern personal truth. This reflection can ensure that as we enter the active, fire season, we are stepping forward confidently with conscious actions that accurately reflect who we genuinely are now.

Finally, running in the background, we have Venus newly entered into analytical, selfless, problem-solving Virgo opposing expansive Jupiter retrograde in dreamy Pisces. In less than a week, Jupiter will leave its optimistic home sign of Pisces and return to sobering Aquarius until the very end of the year. Venus and Jupiter are traditionally seen as the “benefic” planets, the ones who bring good things. This outlook is a little overly simplified unless maybe you’re a total hedonist. It’s an interesting opposition as Venus in Virgo is favorable for creating beauty and union through purification, refinement, organization, helping others. Jupiter in Pisces might just want to get lost, relish in a consequence-less surrender or pure indulgence, and as it is retrograde and about to leave the Piscean dream world, this urge may be temporarily exacerbated. The see-saw can hit the other extreme, though, and this combination can look like wanting to dive headfirst into work or service to other as a vehicle for avoiding feelings of overwhelm. It’s nothing to overthink; just notice that if you have a tendency for this type of reactive behavior, is there a way to apply the positive elements at play in a less extreme way? For creative pursuits, this is a great pair of forces for honing and polishing your works. Or, generally, what in your life can you take pride in bringing a little more order, editing or cleaning up to? Are there areas where you can now safely admit “I don’t actually know” and open yourself up to different possibilities, suggestions, or experiences that you may have feared before? Clarity, confidence, and deeper knowing always comes with time, but dare to reflect a little this Full Moon, and let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the magic the cosmos is willing to share with you.  

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