New Moon Cancer Arizona Sunflower

Pushing Emotional Boundaries New Moon at 18 degrees and 1 minute of Cancer on July 9 at 6:16pm in Tucson, Arizona.

When we think of the stereotypes of the moon affecting one’s emotions, we tend to see these most literally when we experience either the annual New or Full Moon in Cancer, as we have with this present zinger of a lunation. For the sensitive, the feelings tend to rise a day or so in anticipation of the actual exact lunar phase. With a New Moon, a reset, an opportunity to put energy toward something new, the period just before is the time when we are made aware of what is uncomfortably standing in the way of or needing to be released in order to make room for that new energy. With a Cancer New Moon, the release tends to be of an emotional nature, particularly in regard to the past. Theses few days may be felt as an emotional time compression tunnel where fears, pain, insecurity, desires spanning the entire lifetime appear to overlay and fog the present picture or intuitive faculties. We reach back and crave or seek emotional security, even a painful predictability, in something that no longer even exists and often unconsciously fight at all costs to maintain the illusion of it. Retrograde Neptune’s involvement in this Moon (see below) may drive us to seek avoidance, escapism, secrecy, hiding from self and other and validating such tendencies with the excuse of not knowing what one wants, where one wants to head, what is right or true; but particularly given the other aspects right now, clinging to the masks and confusion will only exacerbate matters. A New Moon demands a sacrifice of some kind, though we need not equate that with suffering. In the interest of self-honesty, there is a difference between perpetuating evasive uncertainty and decidedly surrendering to move through the unknown, come what may.

I’m not generally one for moon rituals, but this one might be particularly good for opening up creative channels to something like automatic writing or journaling to get in touch with what lingering fears about the future are subconsciously coming up at this time and then burning that list and replacing each item with a more conscious, evolved or updated version that more accurately reflects what one is actively seeking to build; otherwise, we run the risk of unconsciously recreating pain cycles because we’re afraid to try something different or we fear the responsibility of our own power of creation and throw these pearls to the swine of our animal or survival-based natures and perpetuate a victim mentality regarding our personal history of perceived failures and shortcomings. Cancer the Crab is Cardinal Water, the sign of the mother, the home, the family, emotional safety, and the deep empathy of feeling others’ unmet needs and wanting to provide; at its worst there can be an inability to prevent succumbing to a knee-jerk reactiveness from absorbing from one’s environment and being unable to discern between the emotions of self and other. Medically we associate the breasts and the skin with this sign, and there’s often also a very emotionally intense connection to music, the power of the voice, mantra, or the ability to potently trigger catharsis through penetrating and awakening the stagnant waters within our cellular memories to movement and feeling. Whether this moon is bringing up issues around your literal home, home town, or figurative sense of comfort, roots, ability to nurture, mother, or emotionally provide for self and others, it’s worth reflecting on what a healthier picture of this might look like and believe in one’s ability to create that irrespective of what past or family patterning would otherwise dictate.

Fond and idle reminiscing can be a hallmark of Cancerian energy, but unfortunately, the present aspects demand a more proactive relationship to the past at this time. The Moon is in a separating sextile to radical, Promethean Uranus in Taurus, bringing an eruptive volatility urging change to the status quo in the name of progress. For those prone to waiting until the last minute to act, Uranus often feels like crisis; for those seeking inspiration and motivation to change, Uranus supports this through revelation and opening the way through even the most stubborn obstacles. The Moon, and especially neighboring Psyche’s opposition to Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn forces us to dig deeper, to excavate and identify the structures and patterns no longer aligned to deeper feeling and soul calling. There is a great probability that much of this is tied to ancestry, patriarchal customs, personal and family history, or long-standing perceived expectations of one’s public persona that are due for a re-evaluation. I’m not saying throw the baby out with the bathwater, ignore the past, or eradicate it altogether, but instead, look to what elements of it are supportive and which are at odds with one’s truth. Emotional discomfort, feeling overwhelmed at the impossibility of being able to continue on a certain way or live up to the expectations of others (real or imaginary) are indicators of areas requiring more honest examination. There is an unmistakable beauty in upholding traditions for the sake of it, but they must also feel aligned with present circumstances, and when they don’t, it’s time to question whether the original intent rather than just the rote ritual is truly being honored.

The Moon is also in an applying trine to hazy Neptune Retrograde in dreamy, creative Pisces. This retrograde often brings an unearthing of lies, illusions, secrets, deception, a realignment with the spiritual, an opportunity to experience and believe in the possibility of a more unconditional form of love and union with the divine, self, or other. With the emotional Moon highlighting this planet, we are guided feelingly toward this new depth. Though a trine brings a more harmonious and relatively effortless flow, we are being called to release self-pity, martyrdom, victimhood, self-loathing, ignorance, fear of being seen in order to touch something more true. Accustomed resistance and defense mechanisms are likely to become so amplified they can no longer be hidden, and so, the release is compassionately favored for the willing and may likely feel more like a cosmic intervention for the unwilling. Creative or musical pursuits, dreamwork and revising one’s relationship to altered states and substances might be a good idea at this time, if such things resonate.

Aside from the direct lunar aspects, we have a bold Venus Mars conjunction in Leo trine to Chiron in Aries and coming off of the T-square with the Saturn Retrograde and Uranus year-long square that has been seeding unavoidable personal and collective tension for the last several months. This type of pressure only rolls around every 22 years, so the decisions that are the fruit of this conflicting energy have an unusual weight to them. Why does it feel like a constant slog? Well, it won’t last forever, but it also means this is not a time where one can simply wait for the friction to pass or keep calm and carry on. The Saturn-Uranus square begs us to make uncomfortable changes that are often at odds with what we know as familiar or what we think we should do based on public opinion or pattern. With Saturn retrograde, we’ve been called to rethink prior beliefs and expectations. At this time, however, Mars and Venus trine Chiron might for once give us the courage and boost to take a stand, be our own leaders or cast aside the wounding around past self-assertion that has prevented action thus far. What might presently feel like a risk, in retrospect may look more like a joyful turning point. Given the slow application of the Uranus-Saturn pressure all year, there have likely been signs and indications of the correct path for a while now, though the urge now is to begin to step forward on it. Once again, deeper feelings will affirm the way as our personal ability to connect with soul-level wisdom and alignment will seem more intense right now. If we’ve been listening on those levels, it will feel like opportunity is finally knocking. If we’ve only been respecting surface-level needs, desires, and expectations, it may feel confusing, depressing or exhausting as to why what we’ve always done no longer feels like enough. Saturn Retrograde’s current trine to the North Node is emphasizing this pressure to know yourself at soul level and act in accordance with it because without that depth of perspective, we may only see or feel a Dead End sign on all our customary roads and trajectories.

To end on a more hopeful note, we have a Mercury Cancer ingress in about 2 days and the following day, he will trine hopeful and buoyant Jupiter retrograde in Pisces. Mercury governs communication, travel, expression and learning. What is most important at this time is to feel, sense, listen. The New Moon is the darkest sky, when the guiding stars are most visible. Receive the quiet wisdom most accessible internally now. The ability to put words to feelings may be difficult presently, but this upcoming Mercury Jupiter aspect may surprisingly open up unimaginable doors of opportunity in the realm of the Cancerian themes noted earlier, particularly the deep expression required to attain sought after emotional security. And Mercury’s journey through Cancer will give us the chance to understand, feel into, and even articulate all the confusing, layered things we may perceive ourselves to be floating in now. Wishing that all who read this may be enveloped in the warm and nurturing embrace Cancerian energy can provide for us if we welcome it. Happy New Moon xoxo