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Month: July 2021

Magical Disempowerment Gurus Tarot Power Dynamics
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My Least Favorite Tarot Questions : Or, on Magical Ethics & the Cult of Disempowerment

There are two primary reasons one might be drawn to “magic”: a) disempowerment and b) efficiency. Confusion, uncertainty, a conscious or not-so-conscious sense of victimization by superficial circumstances and a little errant emotion to fuel it all seems to generally be the recipe for motivating one to seek out intangible leverage in life via the magical path. This is another way of describing disempowerment, the ever-present shadow of self-realization. …

Astrology Chart Reading Cosmos Tools
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Why Obsess over Astrology? : Thoughts on My Favorite Modality

It took a while to believe there could be a benefit in studying what is generally considered to be pseudoscience. I don’t need to list internationally recognized geniuses across history who had a fondness for astrology to justify its merit. I could care less what the general population thinks. Most people sleep through the daily gift of an exquisite sunrise, but they still happen, and life carries on. The occult’s historical disinformation campaign is unparalleled. These arts and their practice were, after all, intended to be kept secret…

Full Moon Aquarius Lightning Iron Magic Man
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Full Moon in Aquarius : July 23, 2021

Full Moon at 1 degree and 26 minutes of Aquarius on July 23 at 7:36pm in Tucson, Arizona. This Full Moon brings to mind those amusement park rides of the ship that swings upside-down in a pendulum-like unnerving dance of suspension and revolution where one forgets which way is backward and which is forward and wherein it’s highly probable to lose one’s hat. The Moon will trine Uranus in Taurus and conjunct retrograde Pluto in Capricorn just before its climax, only to, the following day, conjunct retrograde Saturn in Aquarius. The fullest point of the lunar cycle, then, is sandwiched somewhere between a deep purge and a humbling reality check …

New Moon Cancer Arizona Sunflower
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New Moon in Cancer : July 9, 2021

Pushing Emotional Boundaries New Moon at 18 degrees and 1 minute of Cancer on July 9 at 6:16pm in Tucson, Arizona. When we think of the stereotypes of the moon affecting one’s emotions, we tend to see these most literally when we experience either the annual New or Full Moon in Cancer, […]