Full Moon Capricorn Desert Bird Cactus

Full Moon at 3 degrees and 27 minutes of Capricorn on June 24 at 11:39am in Tucson, Arizona.

I am happy to report that we’re now eclipse-free for the next several months, that is, apart from the comedown, cosmic intensity has finally dialed itself down somewhat, allowing us to assess and approach matters in a more pragmatic and measured manner. The aspects at this time are a little tricky to navigate, as we’ll see below. The recent eclipse window may have afforded a vision, an opportunity, the glimmer of a potential new path and/or the unanticipated revelation and purging of the energetics preventing that new path from forming any sooner. The road to attainment, however, may still appear fraught with obstacles, confusion, and perceived impasses. We’re also integrating the recent Summer Solstice energy, the annual day of the most light, which marks a grand turning point of gradual darkness setting in until we reach the other polarity point later in the year, the Winter Solstice, a significant marker of Capricorn Season. We’ve turned the corner into the more reflective and mature half of the zodiacal year, easing us into a feeling of no longer being able to naively put off decisions or just leave things to chance. The activity of the Moon clues us into the subconscious guidance moving us through those choices and that is most heightened during the monthly Full phases, as we’re in now.

Remember that during a Full Moon, we have the Sun and Moon in opposing signs, the Sun illuminating outward attention and focus (currently in Cancer) and the Moon (currently in Capricorn) revealing hidden desires, motivations and fears that often end up inspiring our immediate actions. The signs involved pertain to the collective attitude and style of the experience. The Sun passing through Cancerian energy slowly highlights events that illuminate a keen awareness of whether emotional hospitality to self and other is present, needed, or lacking. Do you feel safe, supported or validated in your feelings? Do you have a peaceful environment accessible to you, and do you know how to bring this peace with you wherever you go? Conversely, what are you doing to support other sentient beings at this time? The Moon in Capricorn helps clue us into what drives us to recreate these pleasant or unpleasant emotional patterns and can sometimes trigger addictive means of bypassing feeling; tapping into our deeper lunar sentiments at this time, we can more easily identify and change what isn’t nourishing our souls as sufficiently as we presently deserve.

Capricorn is Cardinal Earth, the mythic [sea] goat, who is fearless enough to forge his own way up the crag, for better or worse, at all costs, frugal, pragmatic, concerned with the essential; it is associated with physical and hierarchical structures, the bones generally and the knees within medical astrology. It means business. Capricorn energy B-lines to the most practical matters, primarily those related to survival in the material world. There is often a voluntary and innate compulsion to produce with this sign. It is almost as if the extreme and wintry conditions of Capricorn season catalyze this impulse to proliferate. This is the energy in which we find the Moon now, our inner world. Check your chart to see which house you find early Capricorn and this will indicate a more personal, thematic focus where you can actively apply this astro knowledge to most favorably support you at this time. DM for assistance! Aspects below…

Our Cappy Moon itself is in sextile to Jupiter (freshly) retrograde in Pisces (meaning that Jupiter is also trine to the Sun in Cancer). Jupiter expands and amplifies, and in dreamy, creative Pisces, there comes a need to pull back from the fantasy/vision realms and bring the otherworldly inspiration a little closer to Earth. There’s a taste of new hopes with Jupiter in Pisces that will perhaps achieve some stronger footing toward the end of the year. With Jupiter now in retrograde, we are pausing the buoyant forward momentum and learning to organically let these new visions lead the way to shift mundane reality. When used prudently, our current Capricorn Moon ensures that this process will support a more stable and long-lasting foundation and the Cancerian Sun is facilitating the exposition of the intuitive or emotional leaks in the boat that have delayed or hindered the process. As the Moon moves so quickly, we allow for wider aspects, so there’s an applying trine between the Moon and Uranus in Taurus right now as well. Uranus is a revelation, a Gurdjieffian shock to the status quo, routine or habits that allows for new development. Uranian energy is objectively neutral and whether you experience this as inspiration or cataclysm is dependent on your general mindset, but expect things to literally materially and physically shift in some way if this new path, venture, or adapted lifestyle is going to pan out.

 Jupiter began its retrograde (apparent backward motion) in Pisces less than a week ago to join Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius, both also retrograde. Mercury just moved direct in Gemini within the last 24 hours and hazy Neptune will station retrograde in Pisces within the next 24 hours. So, we’re entering a time when the slower moving planets are all in their respective retrograde phases, which tend to last between 4 to almost 6 months in the case of Pluto. Review, revise, reassess, readjust structures and ideologies, long-term commitments, plans and foundations (Saturn & Pluto), visions and dreams (Jupiter); Neptune retrograde in Pisces pertains to the deeply spiritual or belief realm and the deceptive alike. The veils, masks and fog are often lifted in a Neptune retrograde; the Piscean energy can sometimes induce guilt, indulgence, shame, or self-sacrificial emotions as a result of one’s engagement with certain illusions, decisions or behaviors, so if this is you, put some compassion and self-forgiveness practices on the docket. With so much in retrograde for the next few months, this is especially a time to take it slow, do it right, and release the impulse to rush or advance before stabilizing one’s footing. You’re not going to have all the answers right now, and that’s OK. There are still positive steps that can be taken. This Full Moon might also be a good time for assessing one’s health choices and making practical adjustments in that arena. If you’re not doing something that you want to be doing for the next, say 30 years, it might be time to shift your relationship to that particular thing, habit, substance, daily activity, etc.

Finally, we have both Mars (the masculine/active principle) and Venus (the feminine/receptive principle) each in some interesting transitory oppositions with some big heavy retrograde planets. Mars in fiery Leo opposes ornery Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and Venus in squishy Cancer opposes Pluto Lord of the Underworld retrograde in Capricorn. Mars, especially in fire, wants to go, and Saturn has a stony foot on the brake; however, with Saturn now in retrograde, it may be that the limitations, restrictions and rules we associate with this planet may be under revision. It is the tension between Mars, desiring to be seen, recognized and acknowledged in Leo (and NOW, damn it), and somber, patient and sloth-like Saturn that will hopefully, if these two can work together, inspire some creative solutions to old problems, particularly those involving collective regulation, technology, and systems-thinking. The Martian trine to Chiron in Aries tells us that the key here might be to identify and shift faulty ego assertion and assumption, especially when instilled by past painful experiences. Venus, planet of beauty and the desire to unify is all up in the feels in intuitive Cancer is getting a fairly brutal emotional audit from Pluto. Her sextile to Lilith in Taurus and Pluto’s trine to the same celestial point encourage engagement with and transmutation of the deeper, more primal and sensual neglected emotions and needs; though intense, these aspects favor the metamorphosis. Pallas in Pisces, in a loose conjunction with Neptune and trine to Venus suggests a positive boost from friends an soul allies, earthly or spiritual, to facilitate any difficult changes that need to be made at this time.