Full Moon Scorpio Compost Transformation

Full Moon at 7 degrees and 6 minutes of Scorpio on April 26 at 8:31PM in Tucson, Arizona.

Scorpio is the sign of fixed water and has a relentless, provocative and penetrating quality; modern rulership links it to Pluto, God of the Underworld, Lord of death, loss, rebirth, power, and transformation; historically, we assigned it to Mars, force of drive, sexuality, will, anger. Medically, the anus and genitals are Scorpio territory—arguably what we cannot live without but culturally have difficulty looking at or discussing openly. Scorpio energy is considered deeply psychic; I often envision it like a thermal camera, where change in temperature or motion is detected on the deepest levels but the clear picture of the thing itself is obscured. In practice, I find that Scorpio energy latches onto the emotional “temperature change” and probes, often not without a degree of manipulation, until the truth emerges. This is, arguably, the only way to get to the root of matters and allow for metamorphosis and healing transformation, though in shadow aspect without full or conscious realization of the transmutation phase, this energy can also be used for darker power plays and corruption.

The Full Moon is the midpoint of the lunar cycle, a time of assessment and illumination regarding the thoughts and intentions of the prior two weeks. The subdued voices of the subconscious, deepest desires, buried compulsions or emotions tend to run high at the time of the Full Moon, and so, with the insights that these hidden qualities reveal, we have the most complete picture of what our thoughts are creating and help us decide whether we want to consciously continue down that path or make a course correction. This, for some, may be a particularly expository and uncomfortable Moon, as the aspects will demonstrate, but is nonetheless a potent time for reality checks. Do read on…

Modern ruler of Scorpio, Pluto, incidentally, is stationing retrograde in Capricorn today. This is a once-a-year event when the Dark King appears to slow to a grinding halt and begin its regress over sky territory it has already moved across. This retrograde goes on for a little over five months, then it will once again slow, appear to stop, and move forward once again. The moment of station is said to overwhelmingly emphasize the force and qualities of the planet involved. Let us remember that we cannot see Pluto with the naked eye, but we can measure or feel the electromagnetic force, so what is being treated here resides at either the microscopic or supraconscious levels. We are talking about a current far more vast than any one man can control. Pluto also moves so slowly that it effectively has not been back at this position in Capricorn since just before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. What is being unearthed at this moment ties into the very seeds that founded the iteration of the United States as we know it. Pluto can promise renovation, but not without razing everything faulty to the ground first in a particularly raw way. On a more personal journey level, it would be wise to examine choices and behaviors between January 4, 2021 and now, as this is the immediate area under review and excavation over the next few months. Pluto is much like a boarding school disciplinarian who waits long enough to make you feel like you’re in the clear before pulling the rug out and exposing everything swept underneath, which often is generations old. High time for ancestral work, heavy metal or parasite detoxes, facing addictions, and remodeling any literal structural or emotional boundaries in your life. If you’ve made poor choices in recent months, the consequences might feel like a sudden rude awakening, but push through it and use the opportunity to heal deeply. Pluto is here to remind you that everybody poops, except maybe for breatharians.

With Pluto out of the way, it’s only up from here. There’s quite the party in Taurus, the fixed Earth sign opposing Scorpio, where not only the Sun is coasting through, but also rabblerouser Uranus, belle of the ball Venus, chatty Mercury and ice queen Lilith. Uranus shares expository qualities with Pluto but is far more volatile, progressive, and explosive. Pluto contracts and allows for the renovation; Uranus is the dynamite and the wrecking ball. With the Moon opposing the Sun conjunct Uranus, this is the awakening, the red pill moment, whether by internal realization or outward accident, this is not a gentle signature. This is something that cannot be unseen, but it’s up to you whether you go on attempting to feign blindness. Venus, at her most gracious in Taurus, is not far from those two while also conjunct Mercury, doing her best to bring harmony and beautification through the earthquake, but this does involve finding a means of tempering the dark pain harbored by Lilith, the dark side of the Moon, also present. These are the scars, the shadows, the deepest hurts that we fear to show or be identified with but undoubtedly have a place in our personal narratives. This is not a time to silence her, as accustomed as we may be to doing so, but perhaps be open to a new way of facing fears or unfortunate patterns. Uranus can be remarkable for breaking through the most stagnant and stubborn blocks. There is a way through every obstacle, though under these skies, it’s unlikely to be what you think it is. Intensity aside, the gift of such a heavy Taurean planetary emphasis right now lies in the ability to move slowly, methodically, and reconnect with an abundance of kindness and natural beauty surrounding all of us if we just look around and make the effort to acknowledge it. There is grave work to be done on ourselves and the collective at this time, but if we deny pleasure or aesthetics from the experience, we are missing the point and in danger of forging a life patterned without joy.

One of the keys for self-development at this time may be found in the Moon’s separating trine to Mars, who is still out of bounds and now freshly in the sign of emotional Cancer. An out of bounds planet treks outsides the normal orbital zone and therefore exhibits a little more intensity and is a little harder to control. How do you feel when you do the things you do? Even if you’ve behaved a certain way for quite a while without noticeable issues, how does it feel in this moment and how does it continue to feel over the coming weeks? If it feels a little emotionally off, guilty, shameful, draining—there’s your clue for an area where you might want to make a change. Cancerian energy can be very introverted and emotionally needy in either giving or receiving love, help, or attention. Though the current feels won’t last forever, use this period of emphasis to check yourself and your self-care regimens; be honest about how much you can sustainably give to your personal and business commitments and above all, honor your needs. Making the effort to monitor and maintain proper hydration levels and integrating breath awareness practices at this time might be extra beneficial.

Finally, we have a trine/sextile between Saturn in Aquarius and the North Node in Gemini/South Node in Sagittarius, respectively. The next lunar cycle will herald a lunar eclipse on that Nodal Axis in Sagittarius, but we’re not quite there yet, though we may start to feel it without fully knowing what that “it” is. A big theme of the year is learning and relating to others, finding and establishing roles within your soul families if we want to put it semi-woo. Much of the stress of this year may be in that we’re having to make decisions and face consequences for things generations prior didn’t really have to consider, and that’s a little confusing. There are no clear answers, and yet we are expected to have conviction as we feel our steps are funneling us into a reorganization of factions we’re not necessarily consciously creating. What exactly becomes the authority when the old playbook reveals that this evolutionary game of telephone has left us with nonsensical strings of half-truths; who do we believe, who do we trust, and why must we suddenly feel more accountable for thoughts and public statements? There is a visionary quality to this moment in time, where we may see a glimmer of every word and action rippling out far into the future, and at the end of that vision do you find yourself among the like-minded? Do you find yourself forcing to surrender beliefs or things you held dear to survive? Dig deep and examine your convictions, those around you, those you give your time and energy to, whether it be people, organizations, projects. Are these things you want to take with you, to leave for future generations, or are the majority just there to get you through the moment? Your soul chose a historical moment to be alive and with it a weighty responsibility. Saturn in Aquarius will help with the future building process. Use the North Node in Gemini to learn, grow, connect with new voices and ideas. Push yourself outside of old limitations and fears, face your truth, and dare to give voice to your visions. You might be surprised that you’re not as alone or unsupported as the times may be making us feel.