New Moon Pisces Cactus Heart

New Moon at 23 degrees 03 minutes of Pisces on March 13 at 3:21am in Tucson, Arizona.

Pisces, the fish, mutable water, the final sign of the astrological year, the change of season from winter to the grand reset of spring. We think of Pisces as representing 12th house vibes—the locus representing the spiral journey furthest from manifest self/ego, the place where we can see and feel the interconnectedness of all things, the place of ultimate surrender and perhaps the trials that take us there, the unknown of retreat or seclusion into an expansiveness that can feel like being permanently wandering or lost, yet seeds the potential to bridge to a miraculous rediscovery of self if we dare to go there, a merging so deep that the illusion of boundaries dissolve. We can go there spiritually, in senescence as we approach death, through escape or seeking altered states of consciousness, to a place so far that belief is the closest thread of tangibility.

Neptune, at home in Pisces, is the planet that dissolves, obscures, that can lift mortals into superhuman creativity and connection and love or keep us trapped swimming in distraction, fantasy, evasion of reality, eternally chasing windmills. It is the ocean. There is both a deep suffering, empathy, intuition and feeling in Pisces that is often so vast it must be kept secret as well as a jovial lightness of being in the ability to do nothing about anything. It’s a vitality and rediscovery of the child perhaps reflected in the eyes of certain old folks who have found it—conscious youth attained through wisdom rather than the linear, blind, folly-filled kind more often taken for granted. With this New Moon, this new lunar cycle, the last of the astrological year, conjunct both Neptune and Venus (the desire to love, beautify, unify), the spectrum of possibility is terrifyingly infinite. To love, to merge, to create a union or yoga with something or someone, if you felt all the things, the sea of equal pain and pleasure, would you run and hide or seek to go deeper within it? Read on for the aspects…

Pluto (loss, death, transformation) in Capricorn (the bones, the foundation, our structures) is sextile to this New Moon, and as the Moon passed over that planet Monday, there may have been a hint or foreshadow of some long-standing hidden dark emotion, pain, dysfunction needing attention, resolution, release, or restructuring at this time. There’s an edge of practicality required when Capricorn is involved, and Pluto’s haunting hand ensures we feel exactly what that is until we deal with it. The role of the Piscean moon in this is to hold space for the surrender and perhaps forgiveness of self or other or belief in the unknown required to make such a deep change. With Venus applying in conjunction to Neptune and the New Moon degree, there can be a softness, a beauty, a comfort or unexpected relief in all this, particularly in the coming days as Venus makes her way exactly across the New Moon degree.  

Neptune has been in a slowly separating square from the lunar nodes essentially for the whole year, but with this New Moon conjunct Neptune, it’s worth mentioning the significance of the lunar axis in the grand scheme of things. The North and South nodes, the dragon’s head and tail, respectively, are integration and release points that touch us to the very core of the soul and are key ingredients for our experience of eclipses, which themselves ripple out into the background of a year’s texture. With the eclipses occurring this year on the mutable axis of Gemini (North Node) and Sagittarius (South Node), there’s a restructuring in the areas of communication, travel, teaching, learning, ideas, dogma and beliefs. When the Nodes are activated, so to speak, by aspects and especially by eclipses, we are deeply moved to let go around South Node topics and invite new energy in via the North Node. With asteroids Juno (marriage, commitment, betrayal) and Eros (desire, passion) hanging with the South Node in Sagittarius right now and asteroid Psyche (soul truth) next to the North Node in Gemini, there’s a very big part to play around redefining beliefs around love and union in the broadest sense occurring at this time—and this includes love of self, family, community, friends, partners, a cause, an ideal, love spiritual and mundane alike. We are releasing long-standing beliefs, obligations, contracts, pains and fears that have become obsolete in the present reality and creating space for new perspectives, ideas, individuals, relationships to other and to our local environments, skills, words, thoughts that speak to us on a more profound and honest level. Under this highly receptive New Moon, there is a wonderful opportunity to consciously partake in the release and surrender of the old and expansion into the new; however, Neptune begs us to feel and trust more than define or obsess over the details.

Finally, later in the week on March 20 will be the spring equinox, the ingress of the Sun into Aries, the first sign of the zodiacal new year, the arrival of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. If you’ve been feeling lethargic, lost, overwhelmed, prepare for a more optimistic or focused tone change around that time. For now, be gentle with yourselves, listen, feel deeper, allow yourself to connect to a higher octave of love and connection or creative expression gifted by the wandering stars at this time. Happy New Moon in Pisces, dear friends.