Full Moon Virgo Cactus

Full Moon at 8 degrees and 57 minutes of Virgo on February 27 at 1:17am in Tucson, Arizona.

Mercury-ruled Virgo is an earth sign of the mutable modality with a reputation for being a bit OCD, analytical, sharp witted, perfectionist, selfless in service to other, needing to be needed. Virgo season in the Northern Hemisphere comprises most of September, the busy time of sorting, separating, storing the fruits of the harvest. Medically, it is associated with the digestive system, the breaking down and allocation of resources for the body. It is the energy of the detail-oriented editor, refining, measuring, organizing, cleaning. Mercury is just fresh from his retrograde, still moving slowly, and will be making his way back through the shadow zone until mid-March, so it’s a little like the retrograde deadline for unfinished business got extended by two weeks.

Remember that the full moon is the half-way marker of the lunar cycle, the assessment point for goals, plans and endeavors initiated under the last Aquarius New Moon in particular. Full moon time amplifies what is generally under the radar, emotions, chronic health issues, and the like. Virgo, being of the Earth element, isn’t typically openly emotional, though that energy is more likely to seek a manifestation outlet via a physical body condition (especially allergies or digestive sensitivities), a desire to stay busy or try to fix things in the immediate environment. Check yourself on overthinking spirals. That said, this is a great energy to catch up, tidy up, refine your thoughts and projects, color-code your to-do lists, work toward adopting better habits or setting more realistic health and routine goals, etc. There will be plenty of time to get up in the feels at the next Cuddle Puddle New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Venus. So let’s go full Virgo and overcomplicate things with the aspects, shall we?

Opposite our Moon we have the Sun in wide-eyed, imaginative Pisces, with Venus fresh from her ingress into the same sign, making her way toward a solar conjunction. Venus has had it pretty rough for a while; now at home, she can beautify and bring a softer touch with the tools most familiar to her. The Sun illuminates perhaps more flexibility, more possibility, more creativity, openness, divine grace or surrender in one’s approach to love, finances, or anything requiring unification. The practical Virgo moon may try to ration, classify or quantify all of this, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since Venus in Pisces can at times veer toward overindulgence. Perhaps it can be the best of both worlds with the Moon receiving a supportive trine from Uranus in Taurus to at least carry out the work in a new way or break out of stagnant or overly rigid, outdated patterning.  

This Moon has a wide applying conjunction to asteroid Vesta, associated with a word that lacks a proper English equivalent, pietas, which I guess in modern society would be something like conscience-driven endurance and focus to consistently stay the course. With Vesta’s opposition to hazy Neptune in Pisces, we are reminded to look beyond surface appearances or confusion and dig deeper to tap into that gut wisdom. We may not have all the details or know how the hell some dream may work out, but there’s a grand moment of discernment possible now if we let the voice of inner fire differentiate itself from the numbing comfort of unconscious habit. The Moon’s applying square to the South Node and Neptune’s slow separating square can be supportive of necessary releases regarding the latter at this time.

Mercury, Virgo’s planetary ruler, the personal assistant, lawyer, messenger, agent of the zodiac, separates from a conjunction with limiting Saturn and edges closer to a conjunction with expansive Jupiter, all in mentally progressive Aquarius. New ideas, new technology, new supportive networks, new systems, new future timelines we couldn’t see before are slowly opening up. Mercury is in trine to soul-full asteroid Psyche and the North Node in Gemini. Make and validate the presence of significant ideas and connections, talk and vision with your soul squad, soul mates, your own darn soul. Refine the dialogue. It may not quite yet feel like the time for building or taking full action, but you may be surprised that when you vocalize your dreams or ideas into reality, new bridges open up, new teachers, new tools, new supporters, new agreements, new opportunities to learn and develop self, community, collective. Mars will enter Gemini in less than a week, and you can hash out the details and negotiations then, but think about starting or joining the conversation now while Soul is so clearly speaking through you. Happy weekend, friends.