New Moon Aquarius Cactus

New Moon at 23 degrees 16 minutes of Aquarius on February 11 at 12:05PM in Tucson, Arizona.

Hello Aquarius, and your 6 planet stellium. Kind of a variety mix of celestial guests spanning all three decans of this futuristic fixed air sign: Sun, Moon, Retrograde Mercury, Saturn, and then Venus and Jupiter dancing on each other’s toes at the same degree. If you’ve got heavy fixed sign placements (Aqua, Scorpio, Taurus, Leo), you’ve probably been feeling it a little extra. You might want some caffeine to read this report, by the way. The overlap of aspects are a bit messy to untangle.

Aquarius energy is unique. I’ve heard it described as being more like outer space than of the air element. Look at your Aquarius planet and house placements to see what alien features you have as well as insight regarding the themes coming up for you right now. There’s this ability with Aquarius to create definition and structure in what is unseen or abstract or in potential form. It’s the architect who can look at a blank space, create a blueprint, and see the finished construct before it has manifest. Aquarius just knows. It is the eagle eye perspective, systems-thinking (i.e., the awareness of the entire system) and therefore is associated with technological or friend networks, humanitarianism, science generally, the voice of the collective, progress, the future. Consequently there can often be this ability to objectively detach that can sometimes seem unnaturally cold, unfeeling. Visualization and telepathy skills are usually very high. Aquarians also need their damn space. I’ve not met one who doesn’t have a hyperawareness of static or sound coming off of electronic devices, and there’s often an above average sensitivity to smell. So why slap Valentine’s Day during aloof Aquarius season? My friend thinks it’s a secret Scorpio agenda so that people breed during this time to create more Scorpios. We’ll never know for sure.

So this New Moon marks a new lunar cycle, perhaps a new personal goal or trajectory, under a future-, progress-, network- or technology-oriented lens. Going forward, what would you like to see not just for yourself but the wider collective? Where might you need a group effort to achieve goals? Do you have the right individuals around you to support that? Or the right skills and wisdom (the moon’s conjunction to asteroid Pallas emphasizes this) within yourself or your network? If not, this might be a time to consciously call in your soul fam and/or make adjustments to divert your attention and energy to places where those might be of more collective benefit. Prioritize those who embrace your authenticity and stop feeding the wrong wolves. The next sign over is the all-inclusive Pisces soup, but Aquarian energy is a fixed sign and involves a choice element. What you allow for yourself to experience, would you allow the same for your wider networks to also experience? If not, this time might be a bit of a wake-up call around these questions. There’s an underlying tension under the surface of how this plays out, however, and the aspects speak to this. Meditating on this moon’s chart brought to mind the film In the Loop where the secret “war committee” was given the most boring innocuous possible name “Future Planning Committee” to keep it under the radar. The leak got out, however, and the secret was a secret no more. A character from the same film’s sheepish political statement “I’m on the verge of taking a stand” may speak to how we may be feeling at this time, but at some point, there must be actions with consequences. Dum dum dum.

We do have a delightful conjunction of benefics Jupiter and Venus on this day, with retrograde Mercury applying by a couple degrees. Jupiter amplifies, Venus beautifies. Retro Mercury helps us reconsider the past or may deliver delayed insights, information or realizations to consider and give us something to celebrate; he’ll turn direct in just over a week, so we’re in the final phase of his reassessment/reconnaissance journey. Black Moon Lilith, the dark side of the moon, raw and primal unacknowledged emotion, is squaring the conjunction, which has a little bit of a pissing in the pool kind of vibe. Jupiter and Venus are cheering us on to create, expand, open up to possibilities, but doing so will require facing certain fears or forgotten feelings that may have been swept under the rug. Mars in Taurus, too, is influencing this square, emphasizing individual will, habits and values and may highlight where these are suddenly being questioned or requiring a realignment if the future trajectory can take seed. The North Node, in Gemini, however, is making a favorable trine to Mercury in all this, and though this occurs in air signs (the mental element), the North Node can connect to the deepest emotional voice of soul yearning. This is an opportunity to unite the call of the heart with the mind and communication realms. The Nodes’ separating square to evasive Neptune in Pisces can assist in rewriting the dream and fantasy in a more tangible way rather than just getting lost in it. Dare to speak what you wish into existence, follow up on missed opportunities for joy and connection, even if it’s at odds with what you normally might do. You may be surprised that you’re not alone in your desires. The role of South Node, conjunct Juno, and in sextile to Mercury, may help us step away from the necessary old commitments to individuals, projects or even dogmatic belief systems that represent a lingering past requiring release at this time in order to build the longed-for future.

Saturn continues his gradual waltz through Aquarius and though Jupiter and Venus are separating from his influence, it is still likely to be felt. Saturn brings limitation, a slower pace. It’s the brakes, the rules or real external walls that hold us back from taking more immediate actions. His sextile to Chiron in Aries is helping heal wounds around self-assertion or past actions and decisions in the process. As far as the lunation degree and the Jupiter/Venus conjunction are concerned, Saturn’s influence is waning, and the training wheels are coming off. However, throughout the entire year, there is an underlying pressure between Saturn in square to volatile Uranus. This lunation may help us really tap into what we want to create and a knowing of what is best or likely to transpire and who we are destined to become to make it happen, but Saturn square Uranus will be challenging us to temper an all-or-nothing mindset around those visions. This square happens in exact aspect three times, the first of which is in a couple days, the second in June and the third on Christmas eve. So there’s time to chew on it and adjust. It’s a time to learn and feel safe thinking outside the box of our comfort zones, take different approaches, use limitation to empower growth. Be diligent in your assessment of what has worked or what you still value from the past, and be real with yourself regarding whether or not these are still relevant now and in moving forward. Failure to engage with this kind of internal questioning is otherwise likely to result in frustration or an impulse to create or become part of factions based on reckless assumptions. There is a way through every perceived obstacle, and this may be a time to let your friends help you rather than falling back on a custom of going at it alone.